Thursday, 4 February 2016

Life lately.

I have finally found time to blog- hurrah! It's currently 21:18 and both kids are tucked up in bed fast asleep and I have dusted off my laptop to update my blog. I don't really go on the PC much- as I do not find the time during the day, of course now Thomas is getting more active and naps less (he has one afternoon nap a day now) I find I have less and less time to do anything and it's really testing me being a mum of two! but it's all fun.
Since getting my iPad a couple of years ago I packed my laptop away as I didn't use it, but now I think I will use it for my late night blogging. (When I can remember to blog that is! ;))

It's been a really busy few months, we celebrated Elise's 7th birthday (How is my baby girl 7?)

The Kids had a Christmas themed photo shoot and I am in love with the pictures. They are now framed and scattered all over our house and every time I look at them they make me smile!
The months leading up to Christmas was pretty stressful I must admit as I was also having a clear out and reorganizing my house (still making room for a new addition to the house with his ever growing toy collection!) sorting house viewings -we hope to move this year, We had Halloween, bonfire night, preparing for Elise's birthday, nativity plays, Christmas shopping trips to Leeds, meals and drinks out with friends, decorating, of course preparing for Christmas and doing lots of Christmas activities like visiting Santa! Not to mention less then a week after Christmas we took a train to London to see in the new year with my family. So that meant just two days after Christmas packing up all the decorations. Of course among all of that my little Thomas was changing every day and learning new things, I really tried my best to stop being a busy bee and just to take in every moment of him growing up. Things like wrapping presents which I love to do, this year really bugged me. I just wanted to sit and play/cuddle with Thomas, in the end I had a little helper, Thomas sat beside me with a handful of wrapping paper and watched as I wrapped.

Christmas 2015 Thomas' first Christmas.
Christmas day was perfect, the most chilled day with my little family. 

The day started with a very excited Elise waking us up at 8am holding her stocking that santa left at the end of her bed. She opened her stocking on our bed whilst we waited for Thomas to wake. Soon after we fed Thomas his bottle then headed downstairs. We spent a good 2 hours opening presents, of course they got spoilt by Santa, but this year we didn't rush into opening them all at once, Elise appreciated each toy and wanted to take it all in before rushing to open another, Thomas sat in his snug, very excited by it all and every so often opening a present with help from big sister, among trying to grab Puss' tail. We watched home alone 2 whilst opening presents and it was just lovely.
We then had breakfast, and started preparing dinner. Elise and Thomas played with their new toys, and I had fun playing with them too! Scott napped alot, Which I don't blame him for as we were both up till 3am Christmas eve, we had a little drink and laugh and also sat on the garden door step taking in the spectacular bright full moon, it was such a clear night and it was breathtaking, we just talked for a few hours whilst the kids were sound asleep. It was like the old days.
For the rest of Christmas day we just watched Christmas films and ate chocolate till we couldn't move.

My goals for 2016
  • I would like to take more videos of the kids. I recently uploaded all videos that I own of Elise and random videos I have taken over the years to my YouTube. They are set to private. I want them all in one place to look back on. I love photos but there's nothing like watching a video back.

  • I want to explore so many new places this year. I cannot wait to take Thomas for his first trips, like the zoo, beach, aquarium, swimming etc.

  • Speaking of swimming we have all recently gotten leisure passes and are putting swimming into our weekly routine.

  • I'm starting to cook more homemade dinners from scratch, and I am enjoying it!

  • This is quite a personal one, I have suffered with anxiety for 10 years now, and I have never been on medication for it, it doesn't get too bad but when it plays up it stops me from doing things I love. Since having Thomas my anxiety has been a little high but I am taking CBT classes and I already see an improvement. Damn tho postpartum hormones! This year I want to work that little harder to control it better.

That's all for now. :)

Until next time