Wednesday, 23 September 2015


My Zara order arrived a couple of weeks back and I thought I would share with you what I bought for Thomas. I am a huge Zara fan. I just love their children line. Especially for boys, I am rather fussy when it comes to dressing Thomas & Zara always seem to get it right. I am not a fan of jeans for babies/toddlers as I think they're too uncomfortable  (however I have found a couple of pairs of jeans that are not too restricting)
I mainly dress Thomas in leggings. Printed leggings are my favorite and I already own a fair few. Thomas is currently in size 3-6 months.For the minority of this haul I bought sizes 12-18months. So Thomas will have to wait a while before he can rock these clothes as I have bought far too many 6-9 & 9-12 already. Whoops! The fox leggings which I find very cute for autumn/winter are size 9-12 and the striped top is a size 18-24m. I love everything and they will look great in spring/summer 2016 when they fit. By the time Thomas fits in them he should even be walking! Scary!!


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Well, Hello there!

Hello and welcome to my blog!
My name is Lauren from London now living in Yorkshire. Once upon a time I was a beauty/fashion blogger.
In Septemeber 2009 I decided to create a little blog, that I named Paris Boutique. I wrote about make-up, fashion, hair, I would review, haul and sometimes share photos from my week, and talk about what I have been getting up too.
In Febuary 2012 I decided to change the name of my blog to Rose Paris. I was blogging up untill December 2012, but after 3 years of blogging I lost the motivation and it was becoming a chore rather than a hobby of mine. 

Rose Paris is now public to view all my old posts (it was private for 3 years) I was in two minds whether to delete my previous posts, as some posts aren't too shabby. However I have kept them up for all to see. It will always be linked in my side bar if you fancy a read, I am hoping to start the blog up & post again soon.

This little space on the internet will be where I share moments with my babies. An online diary. I am also going to share my views on parent hood, tell you what I am loving, what I am hating and sharing my shopping sprees. I love to shop. ;)

I have a 6 year old daughter named Elise, she is a very cheeky little girl, who seems too grown up to be 6! She loves minecraft, shopkins, taylor swift but she is still my little 2 year old at heart. She still loves a good bedtime story, plays with her barbies and likes to get creative with paint and play-doh. I am so proud of her. She is my mini me even tho she is the double of her dad!

I have a 5 month old son named Thomas who is currently sleeping in my arms which means I am awkwardly writing this post one handed ;).
As you can tell he is very clingy, he is a total mummy's boy and never leaves me I know this is a bad thing in the long run but I just love his cuddles! He loves Mickey mouse club house, books, he also loves his big sister to bits. He is obsessed with her and finds her too funny! I will be posting Thomas' monthly updates as well his whole weaning journey.

This is Puss in boots, our gorgeous pussy cat who is 3 years old. Puss' dad is a British short hair & His Mum is a Norwegian roll doll which is why he has a big bushy tail! You will learn that I am a cat lady, I really do love kitty's!

Lastly, here is mum and dad! Myself and Scott have been togehter for 8 years, Scott plays in a band and he is the reason why I now live in Yorkshire! I love him, just ALOT ;)

This post took a lot longer to write then I thought it would due to Mr Tom keep waking even tho its way past his bedtime! I know its going to be hard to keep up this blog with a baby, but I am going to try my best to schedule posts when Thomas naps.
Until next time folks!

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