Saturday, 19 March 2016

One month till the big O...

I have been meaning to keep up with monthly update's with Thomas, but never did get round to doing ANY. Opps!
So our little T bear is 11 months old. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN.?
This post could go on forever, since I haven't mentioned any milestones, likes dislikes. As there's been no updates. So I'm just going to write about the last couple of months with Thomas, thankfully he has a baby book with all his firsts. Speaking of firsts and milestones, we have the baby milestone cards and I even struggled to keep up with those, I missed so many, like 'the first time I crawled' card 'the first time I said mama' 'my first tooth'. Opps again! It's all down in my diary though so I know the dates. I just kept forgetting I had the cards, but the last one (My first birthday) Is sat on my dressing table ready for the big day so I wont forget. I am going to get round to purchasing the toddler milestone cards so lets hope I am less forgetful with these ones! 

So Thomas..what have you learned this month? Let's start off with a huge first. Thomas now crawls! Having wooden flooring meant that he struggled. Every time he tried to get onto his knees he would slip to the floor which resulted in a little cry for mam-mam.
Then..he learned to slide! Like a slug. He would grab onto things and pull himself across the floor to get to his destination, he would spin in circles and actually the first thing he learned to do was crawl backwards. Thomas has now fully mastered crawling, he does slide a little but hes on his knees and is super fast. Too fast for mummy, he has an obsession with the ornaments on the fire place which I will have to move else where because even tho he has 101 toys he just has to get the flowers and vases. He also likes to crawl over to daddy's guitar and start slapping it, and pulling the strings, daddy plays to Thomas and he loves it, He knows that it makes noise and copies daddy. So I guess hes going to be a guitarist just like daddy!
You can watch a video here on my youtube of my little slug in action!

Thomas has two little bottom front teeth, that makes his smile extra cute and extra cheeky!
He's top left tooth is poking through and has been for a while now poor little dude has been struggling with that one. Lots of teething gels and mummy cuddles needed.

So Thomas' first word was bub, he would shout out "bub bub bub" but shortly after this he was saying "dad dad" which his grandad ever so kindly taught him. When we was in London visiting him my dad would say "dad dad dad" a thousand times a day because he knew how much I wanted his first word to be mum. My dad has that kind of humor just like me! I don't mind at all.. honest! Because the word he says the most is Mum, its the only word he says now and has done for the last 3 or so months. He will shout mum when he wants something mum mum mum when hes upset, mum when he sees me, mummmmm when hes hungry and he will also say mama! Which is all so adorable. Total mummy's boy! ;) He loves kisses, and giving mummy kisses, he will now crawl up to me and just start snogging my feet!


Since Thomas was tiny he has loved Winnie the pooh, the classic 1970s film. We must have played it 3 times a day everyday for the past 10 months. He loves tigger the most. He loves the bee song, and the bounce song. I loved this same film when I was a kid and it brings back so many memories, I knew the words anyway but now Scott now knows the words too. Thankfully it isn't something you get sick of. Now this film will always remind me of Thomas when he was a baby. 
When he's not watching Winnie the pooh, Thomas watches Colour crew, he loves all the bright colours, and its great because its educational.


Thomas loves his food, there isn't anything he dislikes. Which made weaning so much fun trying all sorts of food. He loves my slow cooked stews, he eats what we eat, so no more baby food. He loves his snacks, like petit filous, and I buy him the organix goodie range which has zero junk in them. He loves the rice cakes, cheesy stars and the carrot sticks. He also loves the Ella's creamy hoops.
With his lunch he loves skips or quavers which I know are not the healthiest foods, but everything in moderation! For breakfast he has the Ella's porridge or weetabix. Every so often we will treat Thomas to a little bit of chocolate only a couple of buttons at a time. His little face lights up when you give him one. He doesn't demand more, he's happy with what you give him, but i'm sure he would eat the lot given the chance!

Thomas experienced his first snow this month, we all wrapped up and headed to the park. He was so fascinated by it. It was icy cold so we didn't stay out for long. However he made his first foot prints in the snow!
You can see a video of us all in the snow here!


Thomas loves me reading to him. He will open pages (and shut them in the middle of a sentence) he will sit on my lap and listen to me for ages. So i decided it was time to sign Elise and Thomas up at the library. Whilst Elise went swimming me and Thomas sat in the library for an hour picking out books and reading, it was lovely. Of course its so peaceful in the library and it was great to get out the house. Elise and Thomas pick out 5 books each every couple of weeks now.

Thomas loves soft play and so does Elise still at 7 years old! So its a great place to go to keep both kids happy. We also go to Eureka quite alot as we have an annual pass, again both kids love it there.

Other Loves...

Thomas loves to suck his thumb, he falls asleep sucking it, and poor baby now has a dry left thumb! It's cute seeing him suck his thumb but I know it may be a problem as he gets older. He's never had a dummy (Elise didn't either) so he just wants it for comfort. Actually I just looked over at him now and hes currently fast asleep sucking away!

He loves his tigger door bouncer, since he was tiny he loves to kick out and bounce. He had a chair bouncer and would kick and rock himself, he would kick so hard and go crazy! So a door bouncer lets him get all his kicks out! I remember those strong kicks in my tummy and saying he will be a footballer when hes older because they were so strong. We have only just sold his bouncer and even tho I know he misses it, he out grew it. Thomas would lean forward and even tho he was strapped in he would nearly fall out. I also wanted to encourage him being on the floor more.


Thomas loves the park and the swing, we took him for his first little ride on the swing a couple of months ago and you can see it here!

Bath time....
Thomas had his fist bath when he was a week old. He has loved every bath time since. Unlike drama queen big sister Elise who hated baths as a baby and would scream the house down bless her!
Thomas has a mamas and papas bath seat that he lays in and again he kicks like crazy and the water goes everywhere! Elise sometimes has a bath with Thomas, and she finds it hilarious how much he splashes her. He loves the water, we even give him showers and Thomas just sits there as we spray him down and watches as the water washes him.

He loves me singing row row the boat and round and round the garden and cringes when I say 1..2..3 as he knows a tickle is coming his way!

He is a good sleeper he has a nap during the day, and bedtime is normally around 8pm and he wakes at 8am. There are nights where he goes to bed later, and also mornings where hes up at 6am but that doesn't happen often.
Thomas likes to sleep on his tummy with his little bum up in the air!

He is such a good baby, that I am already thinking about baby number 3! (Not for a while may I add)
Elise was also a good baby and I feel very lucky. Having the perfect prep machine this time round made life so much easier, we are still using it now and will continue once Thomas goes on to growing up milk. He isn't too keen on cows milk yet.

I didn't plan on writing this much, but Thomas is amazing. I was a little worried when I was pregnant that I wouldn't know how to raise a boy... but it all comes naturally hes my little dude. We are all besotted with him. Next stop...The First birthday......


Mothers day

This years mothers day was extra special as I'm now a mummy of two beautiful children. It still feels crazy saying that! Last mother's day little Thomas was still in my tummy. I absolutely love these photo's of me, Elise and my bump! 

The day started as a normal Sunday would, Elise & Thomas in our bed for Sunday morning snuggles and a nice lay in, well sort of- I call 9am a lay in with an 11 month old ;)
I was a well a truly spoilt mummy, I had breakfast made for me by Elise (with help from daddy) I was given the most cutest cards, roses (in pots) in an adorable canvas bag, and a teddy which Elise picked out for me. 

After breakfast we all got dressed up and headed out for Sunday lunch.
Thomas was the center of attention. We sat next to the entrance and everyone that walked past had to say hello to him, he loved every second of it!
I had a Mothers day 'special' Roast dinner which was delicious. I enjoyed every bit of it. We have decided to go out for family meals more often, as it is lovely to have some quality family time away from gadgets and technology.

I hope all you mum's had a lovely day. Those that are with us and sadly not with us. <3

As I live in Yorkshire now, I didn't get to see my mum who lives in London. However we are going to make up for it in May when I see her.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016


We started half term off with some valentines baking. I absolutely love baking with my little miss, getting messy and creative in the kitchen. We've been baking together since Elise was a toddler and its a great mummy/daughter hobby to do. We baked cupcakes with mini marshmallows and lots of sprinkles!

I know people love it or hate it, but I love valentines day. I have been with my partner for nearly 9 years, and I see the valentines as an appreciation day. We celebrate mothers/fathers day, So why not have a day to celebrate being together?  I don't agree with the pressure of getting each other gifts, that's not what its all about, however it is nice to get a little surprise on the day. Cards mean the most to me, I am a keepsake person and keep every card I receive. The words that are put in the card mean more to me then a present on valentines day. Scott did however get me some lovely roses and chocolates and a beautiful card with a voucher inside for a trip together which we will use when the weather is nicer.
This valentines was extra special, because it was Thomas' first.  
The kiddos had a photoshoot just before Valentines day. They had great fun in the studio. Elise loved her pink hearts dress and felt like a princess, and Thomas had fun with the rose petals, trying to eat them and panicking mummy, but all the while having fun! I am so happy with the photos. You can find them scattered around my blog and I will share more soon.
Behind the scenes!

 Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Life lately.

I have finally found time to blog- hurrah! It's currently 21:18 and both kids are tucked up in bed fast asleep and I have dusted off my laptop to update my blog. I don't really go on the PC much- as I do not find the time during the day, of course now Thomas is getting more active and naps less (he has one afternoon nap a day now) I find I have less and less time to do anything and it's really testing me being a mum of two! but it's all fun.
Since getting my iPad a couple of years ago I packed my laptop away as I didn't use it, but now I think I will use it for my late night blogging. (When I can remember to blog that is! ;))

It's been a really busy few months, we celebrated Elise's 7th birthday (How is my baby girl 7?)

The Kids had a Christmas themed photo shoot and I am in love with the pictures. They are now framed and scattered all over our house and every time I look at them they make me smile!
The months leading up to Christmas was pretty stressful I must admit as I was also having a clear out and reorganizing my house (still making room for a new addition to the house with his ever growing toy collection!) sorting house viewings -we hope to move this year, We had Halloween, bonfire night, preparing for Elise's birthday, nativity plays, Christmas shopping trips to Leeds, meals and drinks out with friends, decorating, of course preparing for Christmas and doing lots of Christmas activities like visiting Santa! Not to mention less then a week after Christmas we took a train to London to see in the new year with my family. So that meant just two days after Christmas packing up all the decorations. Of course among all of that my little Thomas was changing every day and learning new things, I really tried my best to stop being a busy bee and just to take in every moment of him growing up. Things like wrapping presents which I love to do, this year really bugged me. I just wanted to sit and play/cuddle with Thomas, in the end I had a little helper, Thomas sat beside me with a handful of wrapping paper and watched as I wrapped.

Christmas 2015 Thomas' first Christmas.
Christmas day was perfect, the most chilled day with my little family. 

The day started with a very excited Elise waking us up at 8am holding her stocking that santa left at the end of her bed. She opened her stocking on our bed whilst we waited for Thomas to wake. Soon after we fed Thomas his bottle then headed downstairs. We spent a good 2 hours opening presents, of course they got spoilt by Santa, but this year we didn't rush into opening them all at once, Elise appreciated each toy and wanted to take it all in before rushing to open another, Thomas sat in his snug, very excited by it all and every so often opening a present with help from big sister, among trying to grab Puss' tail. We watched home alone 2 whilst opening presents and it was just lovely.
We then had breakfast, and started preparing dinner. Elise and Thomas played with their new toys, and I had fun playing with them too! Scott napped alot, Which I don't blame him for as we were both up till 3am Christmas eve, we had a little drink and laugh and also sat on the garden door step taking in the spectacular bright full moon, it was such a clear night and it was breathtaking, we just talked for a few hours whilst the kids were sound asleep. It was like the old days.
For the rest of Christmas day we just watched Christmas films and ate chocolate till we couldn't move.

My goals for 2016
  • I would like to take more videos of the kids. I recently uploaded all videos that I own of Elise and random videos I have taken over the years to my YouTube. They are set to private. I want them all in one place to look back on. I love photos but there's nothing like watching a video back.

  • I want to explore so many new places this year. I cannot wait to take Thomas for his first trips, like the zoo, beach, aquarium, swimming etc.

  • Speaking of swimming we have all recently gotten leisure passes and are putting swimming into our weekly routine.

  • I'm starting to cook more homemade dinners from scratch, and I am enjoying it!

  • This is quite a personal one, I have suffered with anxiety for 10 years now, and I have never been on medication for it, it doesn't get too bad but when it plays up it stops me from doing things I love. Since having Thomas my anxiety has been a little high but I am taking CBT classes and I already see an improvement. Damn tho postpartum hormones! This year I want to work that little harder to control it better.

That's all for now. :)

Until next time

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A foxy Flatlay

Today was spent at home. Whilst Thomas napped, played with his toys & watched Winnie the Pooh I cleaned cleaned and cleaned. I just had to have a day in to catch up on housework. 
I have had such a busy couple of months I seem to have so many things on my to-do list its all overwhelming! When I'm not  running errands my time is spent with Thomas, he is doing so many new things which I will share on a 7 month update post.
Big sister Elise is back at school now after a great half term. We all miss Elise when she is at school, and we're never ready for her to go back. We are Counting down the days until the Christmas holidays...:)
Here's today's flat-lay. Yes I am a little bit obsessed with foxes, and I am in love with this dribble bib from Spotty Fox Bibs. The lady who makes them has the most adorable bibs they are well made & super soft. I have my eye on the Guess How Much I Love You print. You have to be quick to get one, as she sells out fast.
The leggings are from Zara & the t shirt is from Mothercare.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015


My Zara order arrived a couple of weeks back and I thought I would share with you what I bought for Thomas. I am a huge Zara fan. I just love their children line. Especially for boys, I am rather fussy when it comes to dressing Thomas & Zara always seem to get it right. I am not a fan of jeans for babies/toddlers as I think they're too uncomfortable  (however I have found a couple of pairs of jeans that are not too restricting)
I mainly dress Thomas in leggings. Printed leggings are my favorite and I already own a fair few. Thomas is currently in size 3-6 months.For the minority of this haul I bought sizes 12-18months. So Thomas will have to wait a while before he can rock these clothes as I have bought far too many 6-9 & 9-12 already. Whoops! The fox leggings which I find very cute for autumn/winter are size 9-12 and the striped top is a size 18-24m. I love everything and they will look great in spring/summer 2016 when they fit. By the time Thomas fits in them he should even be walking! Scary!!


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Well, Hello there!

Hello and welcome to my blog!
My name is Lauren from London now living in Yorkshire. Once upon a time I was a beauty/fashion blogger.
In Septemeber 2009 I decided to create a little blog, that I named Paris Boutique. I wrote about make-up, fashion, hair, I would review, haul and sometimes share photos from my week, and talk about what I have been getting up too.
In Febuary 2012 I decided to change the name of my blog to Rose Paris. I was blogging up untill December 2012, but after 3 years of blogging I lost the motivation and it was becoming a chore rather than a hobby of mine. 

Rose Paris is now public to view all my old posts (it was private for 3 years) I was in two minds whether to delete my previous posts, as some posts aren't too shabby. However I have kept them up for all to see. It will always be linked in my side bar if you fancy a read, I am hoping to start the blog up & post again soon.

This little space on the internet will be where I share moments with my babies. An online diary. I am also going to share my views on parent hood, tell you what I am loving, what I am hating and sharing my shopping sprees. I love to shop. ;)

I have a 6 year old daughter named Elise, she is a very cheeky little girl, who seems too grown up to be 6! She loves minecraft, shopkins, taylor swift but she is still my little 2 year old at heart. She still loves a good bedtime story, plays with her barbies and likes to get creative with paint and play-doh. I am so proud of her. She is my mini me even tho she is the double of her dad!

I have a 5 month old son named Thomas who is currently sleeping in my arms which means I am awkwardly writing this post one handed ;).
As you can tell he is very clingy, he is a total mummy's boy and never leaves me I know this is a bad thing in the long run but I just love his cuddles! He loves Mickey mouse club house, books, he also loves his big sister to bits. He is obsessed with her and finds her too funny! I will be posting Thomas' monthly updates as well his whole weaning journey.

This is Puss in boots, our gorgeous pussy cat who is 3 years old. Puss' dad is a British short hair & His Mum is a Norwegian roll doll which is why he has a big bushy tail! You will learn that I am a cat lady, I really do love kitty's!

Lastly, here is mum and dad! Myself and Scott have been togehter for 8 years, Scott plays in a band and he is the reason why I now live in Yorkshire! I love him, just ALOT ;)

This post took a lot longer to write then I thought it would due to Mr Tom keep waking even tho its way past his bedtime! I know its going to be hard to keep up this blog with a baby, but I am going to try my best to schedule posts when Thomas naps.
Until next time folks!